Healing Intention 
Wellbeing is your birthright...

The Healing Hand

Do you feel the energy from the healing hand?

A simple check to see if you are open to accept healing.

Ken Graydon

Another experiment you might like to ‘play’ with is the “Med-Bed” an almost mythical idea which, depending on the story you hear, may be an inter-galactic gift or a Nikolas Tesla invention, now revealed. This picture is what a “Med-Bed” could look like.

Med Bed prototype

In our imaginary world, this is the MTR version of a Med-Bed [MTR=Making Things Right]. When you are helped into the Med-Bed you realise that it is a Healing Portal – a place of no time, no gravity and no limitations. Here, total healing is the usual response. Visualize yourself as you will be, after this healing experience which is a combination of sound waves, magnetism and Regeneration Healing – Holding a copy of “Healing; the Handbook” against your heart becomes the catalyst for all the love in action to begin.

The experience has been described as your most loving memory magnified by 253% – and without any sweaty or messy bits. You will know that the Earth is truly looking after you, responding to your positive intentions. This is a life-changing revelation that enables you to become the very best possible version of yourself, looking younger, in your preferred body shape and size, filled with enthusiasm and living in a united world. Or something even better. Dare to dream.

Your belief and free-will acceptance of the healing power of the Creator determine your outcome. Please share your results on Facebook to my Ken Graydon page.