Healing Intention 
Wellbeing is your birthright...

The Abundance Activator Process

This process is derived from the Organ Regeneration material for the specific intention of attracting enough abundance to allow a person, who is already on a healing path and who ‘knows’ that they are being called to attend, to travel easily and with grace to and from America, to attend the workshop and have comfortable appropriate accommodation. The outcome will bless the individual who attends and the entire group who share in these miracles.


Select a time when you can be relaxed and undisturbed for at least thirty minutes. Fill a glass with clean water. Bless the water, that it will enhance your healing connection with the Creator. Obtain a wrist band in a color that signifies abundance or spiritual growth for you. Write two number codes on this wrist band. First, your date of birth, written dd/mm/yyyy [if the day or month are single digits do not add a zero] as this is your personal code for spiritual growth. Secondly, 7142731893 which is the code for abundance.


Exactly at your selected time, (When you nominate a time – you make an appointment with the Creator) go to your quiet place.


I am spirit, I am one with Creator. My healing brings a blessing to all of creation. My intention is to attract abundance into my life that will enable me to travel to America for the Organ Regeneration workshop, to have comfortable accommodation, to grow spiritually as the Creator has offered and to bring back a process that will be a blessing to me and all of my clients, friends and family.

I visualize being beside a great river, it is peaceful and calm, the water gurgles and ripples over the stones, birds sing and occasionally a fish splashes as it chases insects. I realize that I am in the presence of the Creator. A voice speaks quietly in my mind. “Do you remember, we did this before? I told you the story of the flow of abundance that would be like a river into your life. Now is the time”

I go back in time, to a place where I knew the Creator’s plan for my life. I place my hands upon my heart so that I may hold this memory close. From this place and time, I know that an avalanche of abundance may flow into my life, if I will allow it. I formulate the words of power and allowance which are “I am filled with gratitude”

I place the wrist band upon my wrist to signify my acceptance of the flow of abundance. At least three times every day I will speak of my gratitude to the Creator and I will move the wrist band from one wrist to the other to mark those times. I promise to share the stories of my blessings as an inspiration for others. I mark this decision with a burst of light from my soul. The Creator confirms the decision and sends the result into infinity.