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Client reviews of Ken's healing processes.

Disclaimer: We do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment. Results are not guaranteed. If you are currently receiving medical attention do not vary it without reference to the person who prescribed it.

After listening to you today on Wendy’s update I had to send you these pictures.

scar regeneration before

You have to see the changes, I made them proper for viewing, and dated them from the healing date 11-7-10
If you want to use them please do, you have my permission.

Cancer scars regenerating

If I don’t share them with you, you will never know the change that this is going on with
my personal regrowth of cells, tissue, etc.  I shake my head every day and I will continue the process of

I am a new person Ken, that is what I expected.

With Blessings and Love

15 November 05:06

Hello Re-generation People

I have to offer up my story to this post maybe keep you on my journey from this point forward. I can only tell you that what is possible for me is also possible for you. I have to share my experience with Ken Graydon and our healing session.

Labeled with Breast Cancer which is removed within me now I went through lumpectomy and lymph node removal. I had one affected node. This moved me into the world of chemo and radiation. As we all have our choices as to handle our own body I have chosen both western medicine and everything else to get me where I need to go.

I have been involved in many aspect of different healing modalities throughout my life time. This is a long venture and I believe we are resting on top of the cream of the crop with Organ Re-generation and my favorite playground Matrix Energetics. I have now added the principles taught with organ re-generation.

My set session with Ken and my direction was to grow back tissue on my surgery site which is right breast. 30 percent was removed and I want to grow it back.
After my session my physical body started to change over night. My large scar that was bright red from the surgery site and under my arm from the lymph turned dark brown.

Before my session with Ken I decided to take pictures of myself so I can follow the progress of re-generating my tissue. The darkenss showed up first. That was approx. 2 days after the initial contact with my remote healing. My session was a week ago today. Within a week the tissue
from the breast that had been removed is changing.
I am starting to see a change from the front most area away from my body starting to fill in.

There is no color change just a thickening that is filling out to normal level which before was not there, The original pictures shows a defined indent like I
was sideswiped. Now I have about an 1/2 inch that is filled out. I am going to keep taking pictures and tastefully work with them to not offend anyone who might want to see the progress. I find this remarkable but I also must add that I believe in this process for me hands down, and for anyone who will embrass it. This process is meant for us, as many are, we have free choice to pick and choose what is best for us.

Can I tell you what my session was like? I can not. I did exactly what Ken told me to do during the day before the set time and when the clock struck the exact time I was laying in my bed surrounded with all the things I might use with my work. I could tell my room filled up with a loving energy so intense I passed out. I woke 40 minutes later with tear stains on my face and hair. That is all I remember.
I laid there for another 20 minutes. I then worked my way to my couch where I
sat for several hours.

The first sign of change came 2 days later when I woke up to dress and my scars were dark brown. These were fresh scars. I will continue to post my progress it is important to share. I am excited for this process it is what my body seeks. I look forward to more changes on all levels of this experience. I am very drawn to the concept and will share always with all of you.
I am a new person Ken, that is what I expected.

With Blessings and Love

Received  January 25 2011

Dilek wrote “I recently joined the group {Organ Regeneration Process group on Facebook} with lead of Marcie for which I am grateful. And then, last wednesday evening I recieved the news that my-father-in-law’s critical heart condition / blood clots as well. I wrote Ken and asked the possibility of session. He immediately commenced, in only 4 days the father-in-law began to feel different :))) better ♥ 


 today the doctors cancelled the by-pass surgery and found extremely minor clots in veins. His transformation, regeneration is probably still continuing at cellular level. Me, my husband, entire family …..we all are already very grateful. THANKS KEN FOR being very sincere and prompt at your work ♥ and THANKS MARCIE for arranging this meeting ahead of time ♥”

Received January 17 2011

Ken graciously gave my mom a session some time ago & we never got back to
> you~I never did get a testimony from her but, I can say this: the days after
> moms session she was up & rearranging her furniture(my mom is on
> oxygen, in a hospice & at one point given a expiration date on life and can only
> walk 12 steps!) she’s still weak but GREAT news  ken…mom has been told she’s
> well enough to get off hospice in two months!!

Debbie says  I had the most amazing healing session with Ken Graydon and want to let others know how effective it was for me.

For those who know me, know that I am on a mission to empower people to show them the best resources available to maintain, regain or boost wellbeing and I feel that this is a gem of a healing modality.

I choose not to tell Ken anything about what was going on with me so that I could objectively assess the effects of the healing session based on a before/ after scenario of the changes to my physical ailments.(which are really spiritual/energetic being manifested in the physical)

Since the end of November I have had periods that became mucked up and have
basically been bleeding since this time – however with no pain.

On the Friday before the healing session I also came down with a cold and got cold sores on the inside of my nose.

Unbeknown to me Ken began my healing session at about the same time as Erlend my partner called me down to have lunch and to sit quietly for about half an hour – instead of working.

As I ate my energy improved, my vision became sharper and everything became brighter.
My right hand began to vibrate and I felt like how I usually do when I give healing to others.

My insulin levels have been up and down and I have been basically trying to eat fruit & veg since the new year and cut out refined carbs- as spirit had shown me I needed to take better care of my physical health – because I push myself too hard at times – and have been put through a great deal of stress over the last year.
Erlend also made me a herbal tea that is to help liver function & help with relieving flu symptoms. I felt it was tied in with the insulin levels – this was all happening while Ken worked on me but neither of us were aware of the fact. When Ken discussed my healing he said that he had to keep giving me insulin boosts!

Over the last two weeks prior to healing – Mother Theresa kept appearing in my visions. Also while I had been out and about in Graz I kept seeing so many nuns who just smiled back at me. Spirit kept showing me that I will be helping humanity and working with herbs and this knowledge will be past down from a nun like person who worked with herbs in Austria.

Ken mentioned that a Nun figure appeared during the healing session. So thank you for the
wonderful confirmation Ken.

After the healing I stopped bleeding and the cold sore stopped hurting and cleaned itself up very rapidly!

I am aware I am going through a cleanse and rebirth for the wonderful work I have chosen to do.

So a big thank you Ken for helping me on this journey.

In gratitude


Another testimonial:-
Ken’s ability to hold light for you to experience new possibilities and therefore embrace change expands your inner self far beyond old limited ways of thinking that had previously appeared as blocks in your life. I recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Ken


12 June 11:02

Kathe Lynn Gaarde
Everyday I continue my rebirth Ken Graydon. This is an exciting time for me. I remember my session with you and your work. I especially remember you telling me you will never be the same again, you will become different, you will be born anew. I wanted to let you know that this has occured and continues to occur.

The statement that people use when they see me is “you have been reborn”. I look like it, I feel like it and act like it. I have used the healing codes through surgery, chemo and now radiation. Everytime I have radiation daily I connect the
“sphere of the living matter” as a cone prism attaching it to their machine. I treat the treatment. I move forward and don’t look back.

If the experience of Breast Cancer improves your mindset, stregnthens your spirit and soul, opens unbelievable doors for your life, and brings a total rebirth of your body for the better, would you still call it disease? I continue to regenerate all of me.

So once again Ken Graydon I wanted to stop by and tell you so. I continue to thank you from the bottom of my heart as you helped me open that door that will never, ever shut. I am blessed as I will never vibrate the same again.

Testimonials from Organ Regeneration workshops:- what they said about the Sydney workshop

“The Organ Regeneration workshop facilitated by Ken set a strong energetic connection with all participants. The process is simple and the tools are clearly set out as guidelines leaving scope to mold the intentions to suite the situation.” Lydia T


“A beautiful heartfelt experience” Sydney Workshop Attendee May 2011


“What I most appreciated was the low key authentic way Ken presented with Ann’s personal enthusiastic stories.

The absolute knowledge and how to use it …Was a really nice 2 days and other  participants were all terrific to be around

Thanks will keep you informed on how I move forward” – Margo


“I really loved this workshop and am so pleased that I could attend. I am looking forward to using these processes every day. I encourage everyone who has an interest in metaphysical healing to learn these processes. Ken and Ann ‘s  genuine belief and dedication to this program are delivered in an easygoing and modest manner. Thank you for coming to Sydney and I wish you the very best for all further seminars” Regards, Michele Kangisser

“Thank you Ken and Ann. This was a fun and educational workshop. You were able to balance giving us information whilst allowing us to have plenty of playtime. I feel confident to now use this technique. Whilst we had a lot of fun, we  were able to create a supportive state for each of us to clear what we no longer needed and experience what it is like to receive this process. I believe that the morphic field for OR has increased significantly now”  LF Sydney


“This workshop is like coming home to the greatest power that has been within you always!” KB Brisbane


“I found it very understandable , intuitive and practical”


Hi everyone,

I am happy to have joined the group. I just did the Sydney (Australia) workshop this week end and i loved it.
I am now applying to self and clients and enjoying the instantaneous results!

Theresa Fornalski
10 March 11:22
Phoenix rocked! Thanks so much Ken and Ann and everyone there! It was a joy and a delight and I am eternally grateful for the internal and external connections made while there creating beauty, healing and alignment to and with the Creator! Immense gratitude! ♥ ♥ ♥


Ken Garlock
10 March 04:06
I am posting late about the wonderful class we had in Phoenix. I had stayed on for an extended time and just arrived home today.
Ken and Ann did a marvelous job of presenting the material in an easy going flowing manner. I observed shifts in others, as emotional blocks were lifted accompanied with tears. I was also fortunate to be in the group with Cynthea when she went through a very large shift. She looked so different afterward, as if a huge weight had been lifted off her. A youthful softness came into her face. In my own case, a knee I had worked on feels the best it has in years. The people who have signed up for the Vegas class are in for treat!
Many thanks to Ken and Ann for providing the opportunity for us to take this class and to share the information with others.

Cynthia Lee
08 March 21:03
Before the Phoenix workshop I had heard people say and had read the first three lines of the process. Then Ken spoke them in the class and Ken is that energy. There is a difference between reading and hearing and being in the energy of it. I am not explaining this well . After the workshop just hearing those three lines in my mind starts such gentle, fine energy filling my being. What a gift this has opened for me.


Hi Ken and Ann,

I am back home. My body is here but as I do the things that need to be done I have moments when I realize that my spirit is still in AZ dwelling in your teachings. I have never been aware of a split like that before. It is comforting to know that my spiritual self is still within that energy and I hope that I sustain that for the rest of my time on earth.

Ken, Sunday I asked you a question about my experience of seeing/feeling my energy body stand up and move forward into space while doing a process on one of our group. You ended the conversation saying that I am a very powerful healer. I did not respond, but inside I was thinking the creator does have a wonderful sense of humor. From the time I was about 12 I felt that if only I could remember something that I had learned long ago I could heal anyone. And so I set out to find what I had forgotten, sure that I was here on this earth to be a great healer. I studied this and that and when Reiki found me I was sure that this was it. Funny thing was, no one was interested even though I could help them open up to heal themself. And did for some. Finally, when I was about 55 I said my dear you are one of millions of the ordinary. And that not bad cause it’s the ordinary people who keep it all on track. So I continued to study but only because I need to grow in spirit. By the time I came to AZ I had learned that the only one we can heal is ourself.

In three sentences you gave me the missing parts,  I am in spirit. I am one with the creator. My healing blesses all of creation.

Finally I understood.  Healing myself is all I am here to do. In healing myself I heal all.

Thank you again.

 Cynthia Lee

Marcelo Celis
08 March 10:10
I would like to share another gaining from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ during one process I mention I have been having some pain in my tail bone for several months. Sometimes goes and then come back. This time I drove 6 hours straight and no pain whatsoever. I was blown away. Wow this really works!!!!! I love it. Thanks again to Ken and Ann for making this possible NOW
Patricia Vance Forbes posted on your Wall.
Patricia wrote
“This class was all & more than I imagined it would be.  Thank you Ken & Ann!  I too am still feeling the changes.”
Patricia Vance Forbes posted on Healing Intention -organ regeneration’s Wall.

Patricia wrote
“Thank you for bringing this fantastic information to us in Phoenix.  It is time for those of us on this planet to assist in the transformation for as many as we can.  Now I have the opportunity to share this with all that I come in contact with too.”
Marcelo Celis
07 March 15:47
I just heard about this workshop 4 days ago and the universe show me the way to be here when I thought there is no way I can make it in such a short notice. Literally on Friday at 2:09 PM. I drove and I was deeply touch for all the changes I am going through some are in my consciousness others are very evident. I am loving every moment and I am very grateful. This information and experience is transformational and beyond the mind for sure. I am committing myself to teach and pass on the power of the Organ Regeneration. I truly touch by the generosity, loving and sincerity of Ken Graydon and his beloved wife Ann. I am humble by who they are. My love goes to them and all of you. Love you Ken great gratitude to both. Marcelo


Courtni Dyer
07 March 12:11
I want to write something profound here but somehow the words won’t form. What I feel and know is that something shifted for me this past weekend at the first Organ Regeneration seminar here in Phoenix.

Ken spoke about returning to the States in September and I highly recommend attending a seminar then. The knowledge and its application is truly life changing.

In gratitude to Ann and Ken Graydon … and a big thank you to the members of the ‘birth’ group.


Cynthia Lee
06 March 20:23
The first day of the AZ workshop was life changing for me. I am excited to experience what today will bring. Thank you Ken and Ann for traveling here and sharing your teaching with us. Ann ordered up lovely warm weather for us and it is perfect!


Kim Greene Frazier

Hello, lovely, wonderful beings! What a joy it was to spend two days in the presence of all of you.


Patricia Hargrave

It was an amazing two days of releasing and creating. Thank you, Ken and Ann, for your enthusiasm, dedication and humor! I know Las Vegas is going to be just as powerful as Phoenix was. So many miracles in our group – what a blessing!


Patricia Hargrave
18 March 01:31
Ken, Wanted to let you know that my grandson was much better from the stomach virus after I did the processes on him. His Mom got it the next week, and I did the Digestive System process on her, having her visualize, going back an hour before the event, and she was up and shopping with me that afternoon. I also sat between two people, on the plane home,who obviously needed help – the gentleman on my left was in a lot of pain, the sweet lady on my right was having difficulty with her hearing aids, so she took them off. Now…..I can’t say that the processes I did- silently-worked, because I didn’t ask them, but I believe they did! This is wonderful stuff!! My love to Ann.

Kim Frazier
Vibrance Wellness Coaching


I know I expressed my gratitude at the close of the Phoenix workshop, and I thanked you and Ann publicly on Facebook, but I wanted to extend another Thank You to you as well as to Ann for all that you have done for me.  Your gentle yet powerful gifts of healing, virtually and in person, have been and continue to be such a blessing to me. I am certain that you have played a key role in my ongoing quest to allow and be open to all that I am meant to learn, receive, and share with others.

My hunch is that I don’t even yet fully know what lies ahead, but my intention is to continue to ask for and expect The Best Possible Outcome for myself and for all of Creation.  Me thinks I have been one of “those” individuals who for whatever reason(s) have had some challenges with accepting all the healing that is available to myself and others, but I feel those veils rapidly evaporating.  I want to be a part of this New Knowledge and everything else that the Creator and I had planned way back when.

Love, hugs, blessings, healing, and eternal gratitude,



Las Vegas Workshop Testimonials

Ida Zelaya

Another testimonial – a long scar on my index finger faded by about 50% since the Las Vegas workshop. Not sure which process helped with this one, we did soooo many. Doesn’t matter – it’s working!

Ida Zelaya CORRECTION: I checked at 3:30pm today, and the scar’s about 75% faded.

Ida Zelaya

Testimonial: a few days prior to the Las Vegas workshop, I developed a yeast infection on my skin. The day before I was to leave home, it was painful and I knew I couldn’t use my standard 3-day regimen of tea tree oil applications – very stinky – for fear of offending everyone on the plane and in the class. I emailed Ken for help, and he sent a healing reply via email. Waves of energy flowed through the computer screen and I felt an overwhelming need to sleep! The next day, the infected area shrunk and was pain-free. By the first day of the workshop, the infection was g-o-n-e. No tea tree oil necessary.

Genevieve Metro-Corbin

One of the best of the Newer Energetic seminars available. Loved Ken and Ann’s presentations, flow of the work, the intimate work done with the participants and the successes already received! Thank you!

17 hours ago · Like

Kimi Martin

I am beyond grateful for the energies that came together this past weekend for our workshop with Ken and Ann. It was the blending of all who were present that allowed such amazing transformation in my life. Every moment, for me, built upo…n the one before. Life long questions where answered, ancient (and dimensional) connections were re-established and I was beautifully assisted in being able to open to receive all the blessings that Creator gifted to me. The time was truly magical. To each and everyone, my heartfelt thanks. Donna thank you for taking this picture, she and I are one. Ken and Ann, you bless us all with your love and presence.

Tuesday March 15th, 2011

We are not lead to gifts for no reason ….

On the way back from Nevada…. I had a phone conversation with a girl friend of mine who has a younger daughter and grandchild. She explained to me that she had to take her daughter to the Emergency Room with a case of a new virus that provided the basis of high fever , nausea, etc., and her daughter became violent and abusive to all and her, in the ER room at the hospital. Very unlike this young girl.

She explained her daughter was going to be released this evening and asked if she could spend the night and see if there was anything I could do to help her and in case she had a “third” relapse of the symptoms. (over the past week)

I arrived home and the daughter was brought to my home and was feeling the results of the medications the hospital had given her and she went to bed.

The following morning she did have a relapse. High fever. Confused and seriously unfocused. When she came into the room I immediately had a foul taste in my mouth and a sense of ill comfort and souring, really negative energy about the room. I sensed this as a negative presence.

I used the basis of what was taught and cleared the room and house in a quick gesture and manner.

I then prepared a glass of water, blessed it, the room and house and cleared all of us and the hose and property and gave a rendition of intent for clearing, protection, healing as was taught.

When completed, her temperature had gone to normal. Her color returned. Her eyes were clear.  She was calm and collected and well focused. The room and house felt purified and a sense of love and joy present.

She explained that she felt like she could go to sleep forever at that moment and went back to bed to be able to rest in peace, harmony and good health and well being.

Her mother later called and explained to me “then” , that while at the hospital her daughter while not acting like herself, screamed for her (mother ) to “get out” while also verbally abusing the staff.

Sometime later one of the staff came out to tell her (mother) that her daughter asked for her. She went back in to the room and her daughter was standing at the foot of the bed with arms folded and told her that she (daughter) had a demon.

That, her words and communication of prior events,  “then” acted as a confirmation, as to what I sensed this morning and had cleared.

Call it timing or whatever you desire, but it (training), was exactly right for the immediate need,

No virus symptoms, no demon, no fear, clear minded and sleeping now like a baby.

Thank you,

God Bless You both,

Zero limits, Zero boundaries,

Josephine Forrester
14 March 18:44
Fabulous weekend !!! Thank you Ken, Ann and all the attendees !!!

Donna Lopez

Dear Ken,
I am sorry..I greatly underestimated the field of this work♥ the energy is so powerful. I went to Vegas and forgot a medication I take for acid reflux.Usually I will have a sore throat as soon as I drink coffee..by Sunday I realized I felt great, have not taken the meds since coming home. Today I did an abundance code and I went to the bank to do my deposits. I forgot my atm card, as I searched..i found a $100.00 bill..that was not there previously..wonderful. So pleeeease I appologize..I felt the work primarily was clearing all the energy workers in the room..the ones that never take time for themselves. It does so much more, the energy shifts are very strong. Worked on my mom today, as she has one kidney, she felt energy flickering where the absent kidney had been. Looking forward to much more♥ Thank you


Donna Lopez
17 March 03:21
Testimonial-worked with a friend and did the spinal work along with another…she said she did not tell me but she was waking with a tight chest and sore back ..which she usually cracks some time during the day..today she has no back pain or chest tightness♥


Another real blessing from the Las Vegas organ regeneration workshop was that the hotel staff member who looked after us with tea and coffee is an avid but unsuccessful bingo player. She told the group that in her breaks during our workshop weekend she went to play bingo and won almost two thousand dollars. Her best ever results and she thought it was because of the energy she picked up from what we were doing in the room. She is planning to visit the “Left Field” room every day until it is booked out again so she can keep picking up the energy of abundance.

Judith Schutz

I got whacked hard on the wrist by the camera of a distracted tourist yesterday evening. Ariane & I did the method and some other stuff on my wrist soon afterwards and what was a painful purple bump is now a small, pain-free red spot.



Cyndi Clarke
17 March 07:08
I was so blessed to be a part of the Las Vegas Experience. Two things have happened. I had an area next to my eye where a tumor was removed, had reconstructive plastic surgery. Everything healing nicely. My eye was considerably smaller than the healthy eye. Without knowing, my father in law told me my eye grew! I looked in the mirror and low and behold my eyes are the same size once again. The other is a family situation that was extremely stressful. Donna and I worked on this situation yesterday, the Universe took care of my troubles. Thank you again Ken and Ann for giving us these tools.


Bradley Corbin
23 March 11:44
Gen and I attended the Las Vegas workshop and had incredible processes throughout the weekend and met many powerful people as well. We arrived home Sunday night at 9:00 PM and I had a message on the home phone to call a close friend of mine. Her husband has a serious gambling addiction and they are losing their home for the second time because of his debts. He had just attempted suicide and was in the hospital under 24 hr suicide watch. She was an emotional wreck and very worried about her husband, their relationship and their 16 yr old son. I had her use the silver energy ball to clean her whole house, then used the change Events/Family process, then the Constellation process showed itself and I combined all of this with the Clearing of the Past process. She immediately felt emotional relief, was more relaxed, less anxious and ready for a good nights rest.
Her husband was expected to spend several days in the hospital but when I went to visit him Monday night he had been released.
I haven’t seen or talked to either one of them this week. I hope they will give me the opportunity to help some more.
Thank you Ken and Ann for sharing this work with the world.


‘In two sentences you gave me the missing parts: I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing.  I accept blessings for all of creation.

Finally I understood! Healing myself is all I am here to do. In healing myself, I heal all.