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Team Healing

There are some situations which need, or clients who prefer, to have two or more practitioners working on them, either in tandem – which we describe as a Quantum Entanglement – or where two specialities are applied; often with animal healing where a healer and an animal communicator may work together to change the situation and obtain feedback but also with cancer clients where we use counselling and healing programmes together.
Available Teams - Wendy Down and Ken Graydon

This is a well established team with a number of great testimonials over serious illnesses and various body sculpting outcomes delivered remotely. There is a specific site for booking these team healings.

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Australian Regeneration Healing Team

Featuring Ken Graydon as practitioner and Trysha Hanly as practitioner – reader, working remotely with clients around the world. These session which bring excellent healing outcomes and the benefit of spiritual feedback which is very helpful for understanding the necessary changes that need to occur for healing to manifest.

Regeneration Cancer Team

Featuring Ken Graydon as practitioner and Christina Burki, a Gestalt Therapist as counsellor, working with clients who have any cancer situations.The concept is that, often, cancer results from a protective action the body has taken as its instinctive reaction to a disruption in circumstances. If the situation is not resolved, the bodies protective action may deteriorate into a form of cancer. Separate healing and counselling sessions allow the disruptions to be understood and released.