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Pendulum Healing

Pendulum Healing and Spiritual Surgery

We are now including in our range of healing possibilities both pendulum healing, including Apometric Pendulum Healing, as used in the Spiritist Hospitals in Brazil and Spiritual Surgery where, with the co-operation of ‘Spirit Doctors’ and other positive Spiritual Beings surgery is conducted on an ‘etheric body’ with the results then manifesting physically. For thousands of people around the world, this is their only surgical opportunity and we are honoured to be allowed to participate with you in these healing exercises. It matches exactly the Alchemist’s practice of ‘Separation and Reunion’ or in our more modern language it presses your RESET button.

Each healing begins with a process from Regeneration Healing which is intuited to aid you reach a state of consciousness where you can forgive yourself and accept healing for your best possible outcome.
We use the pendulum to access the Creative Healing Source to get both permission and guidance for your specific situation.
If you are ready and open to explore these healing adventures please email me ken.healer@gmail.com so that we can discuss your situation.

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