Healing Intention 
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Healing - The Handbook

This book contains the basic processes which allow us to experience healing for our self or for other people. Our simple principle of removing the cause of the situation so that you can release all of the negative effects allow healing, which may well be considered as miracles.
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Healing - The Handbook Feedback

Ken – we used your book, “Healing: the Handbook” as part of a series in our ME Study Group last night.

We have been exploring Communication Perceptions the last few months. We have been using ME Sigils, Bashir Sacred Circuitry forms, and now, last evening, Your book.

While we also were immersed in quite a few deepening flows during the Study Group, two of our members had your book which were being sent around the circle twice.

I was encouraging everyone to open the book and read where they need to connect. One person, while holding the book, had an “Operation Healing” much like one gets while going to John of God, as another person discussed going to Brazil next month, and while another member held the book, she intended that the Perfect Process would assist her neck (which was troubling her) and she said her healing felt like an “”Energetic Bio-Freeze”, as her neck problem vanished.

All were mesmerized by the violet light in the heart of the book, and all want to buy a copy of the book!