Healing Intention 
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Cancer and Healing Intentions

A very effective alternative process for treating cancer is the use of the Healing Intentions method.

This method envisages the development of cancer resulting from the body’s instinctive self-healing reaction to disruption. An example is, a mother has a ‘nesting’ conflict – perhaps worry over a child or her ability to provide for a child – the body senses the nesting disruption of energy and immediately reacts to the formula ‘nesting problem – provide more breast milk’ and immediately manifests extra cells in the breast. If the disruption is not resolved those extra cells may form a tumour and breast cancer.

The male equivalent is a disruption of energy about masculinity which results in extra cells in the prostate. An unresolved conflict may manifest as cancer. The breakdown in ‘traditional family relationships’, where there is a lack of support structures, may be part of the dramatic spread of these cancer forms.

Other forms of cancer may result from different disruptive situations.

The Healing Intention method of offering healing for cancer situations may be offered in personal settings or remotely. The practitioner will offer some preparation for the client usually for two or three days before the healing session. The process itself is a Spiritually Guided Intention that takes a client ‘back in time’ to a time before the disruption arose, to present an alternative reality. In effect, this removes the cause of the situation, so that the effect may be released. Where necessary, a process to release a genetic predisposition to cancer, may be employed. The only limitations to the effectiveness of these processes are in the client’s ability to accept the changes necessary.