Healing Intention 
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Animal Healing

Animal Healing with Regeneration Healing

We have had a number of really successful animal healing stories using the principles of Regeneration Healing, many over very long distances [international] and we are now developing this as a special service in preparation for the opening of a Healing Centre for animals and human beings, in the beautiful hills east of Perth, later in 2017.

There was the paralyzed dog, who after just one process was up and swimming in the farm dam, a seriously constipated horse who had a healing process after the Vet had already dug a hole to put the body in and lived another two years. A cat, whose bad behaviour was a response to being called “Pussy” when she wanted to be called “Princess” [I kid you not!] and after a process [after the family realised who was really in charge] her behaviour was amazingly good. Many other dogs and cats have responded really well to healing. I have worked with two greyhounds who had better results in races – I don’t guarantee that but it has happened .