Healing Intention 
Wellbeing is your birthright...

Allergy Healing Process

I connect with the Creator, the source of all healing. I accept healing for all of creation.

My intention with this healing is for me to attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that the Creator and I have planned for me to have now.

I journey into the past, my soul knows exactly when, to a time just before the incident which was a trigger for me to accept allergies in my life. From that place and time I make a different choice – I do not follow a path that leads toward allergies, instead I follow the amazing path of my real spiritual purpose. This releases me. Changing the past immediately changes the possibilities of the present moment. Removing the cause of the situation allows me to release the effects, so I do and this creates the possibility of my complete healing now.

If any other people were participants in the incidents that lead to me accepting allergies, they are now free to go their own way, while I go mine. There are no negative entanglements between us.

I am aware of the presence of my team of spiritual supporters who will aid and guide me on this healing journey. We go to the Hall of Spiritual Knowledge and, because we are unlimited by time or space, we have access to every effective remedy for all and every kind of allergy from the past, present or future and from every dimension. I am being matched to my genes, my DNA, my physical and emotional states and my soul choices to find that one ideal remedy for me.

The healing treatment begins by locating the very first cells to accept allergies and transforming them from illness to glowing good health. Every other cell which had followed those leader cells into illness immediately follows the path of transformation to good health. My emotional situation, which allowed allergies to develop, is bathed in love and understanding. I can now release the discomfort, stress and tension to release these negatives. I add forgiveness to the situation, particularly forgiving myself, so that I can go forward in confidence knowing that my newly healed self has the resources, physical, mental and emotional to follow my spiritual path and purpose so that I become the best possible version of myself.

I already feel the excitement and joy that I will know when my healing is physically completed. My heart fills with gratitude and love as I accept each and every one of these blessings.

As I speak, so it is done for me.