Healing Intention 
Wellness is your birthright...

About Us

It’s About Healing and Transformation

We use Regeneration Healing as our initial healing process as it has been so successful in achieving results. Some of the other techniques we use teach our clients how to maintain their new improved levels of wellness or to deal with non-physical challenges, such as relationships or the environment.

Team Effort

We have a group of associates, some are human – others in ‘spirit’, who join us from time-to-time for specific clients or circumstances. They are based in several different countries so, with the different time zones, we offer a continuing flow of healing intentions. They each bring to the particular situation other gifts and healing processes and they have achieved amazing results “when all seemed lost”.

 Healing Intention

This pdf book was released in 2011, when all the ideas of Regeneration Healing were new, very exciting and opening new horizons for us all.

Of course, there have been many changes since that time as we learn and grow. There is a Parade of Healers in this book who were nominated as folks you could ‘borrow the energy of’ – a couple of them no longer qualify for that distinction.

Anyway, we are offering you this 58 page book for just Five Australian dollars, simply because I would like to have a small fund where we can offers discounted or free healing sessions for people who have been really badly effected by the trauma of viruses and negative situations.

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