Healing Intention 
Wellbeing is your birthright...

Healing Intention

My personal intention
'I intend the best possible outcome for everyone. The creator is the healer, I am an instrument, healing flows through me.
Everyone I treat has access to complete healing. I am in gratitude for the results, rewards and blessings of this relationship with the infinite healing presence.'
Ken Graydon 6/12/2019

Your intentions are the most important part of your healing interactions. While we do offer a series of different healing opportunities for you – ultimately your outcome depends on your intentions and your freewill acceptance. It is not us ‘doing the healing’ – our role is to help you learn about possibilities and decide what, or how much, to accept.

We do begin every healing adventure by creating a connection with the Creator [our chosen title for the ‘Source of All Healing’]. We use a Regeneration Healing process that will allow you to remove the cause of the healing need and release the negative effects. By participating in this process you, effectively, give yourself permission to accept the best possible healing outcome.

Then we work with you, using your selection of our available ‘healing styles’. This list includes:

Spiritual Surgery - no body insertion or blood letting

Using specific Twisted Sage tools and Apometric skills, with the support of Spirit Doctors to bring about Physical and Etheric body changes

Dowsing for Healing

Pendulum guidance enables us to help you attain the best path toward your desired outcome.

Body Reshaping

Physical changes, within reason, such as scar removal, looking younger, weight control and some cosmetic changes are on the menu.

Multi-dimensional healing

The versions of yourself, in other dimensions, are available to participate in your healing outcomes. If they are, for example, from a dimension where there is no cancer. An exchange where you give them your cancer (which will disappear) and they give you wellness which will last becomes possible.

Animal Healing

Animals are very responsive to healing and communication. Some animals are so loving that they will accept an illness as a sacrifice, so that you don’t have to get it. You may also work on behaviour issues and specific animal situations.

We invite you to investigate, or select, your healing style, and the date and time [in your time zone] that you expect to be ready to make the changes that will allow you to accept your own best possible outcome. Each healing adventure is personal and will be crafted to meet your needs.

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